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 尽管我们属于不同的民族 宗教 性别和社会阶层,但是我们都意识到了这一点,我在受到压迫和剥削。在我们抗议压迫的同时,我们也会意识到自己所受到的各种压迫。例如当一名白人女性抱怨受到性别歧视时,呼吁和男性公民有同等的权利。当问题发生在农场时,压迫更为严重,矛盾无处不在,压迫学是一个相对的概念,对应的是特权。科学的想法适用于特权。

According to Collin P.H. (), there is a demon of oppressor within each one of us, despite the belonging to different races, religions, genders and social classes whether we are conscious of it or not. In our protest for others’ oppression upon us, we are exerting some kind of oppression upon others in the meantime in whatever the form whether it is visible or not. For example, when a white feminist is complaining of the gender discrimination and appeal for equal rights with the male citizens, the color of her skin would be a racial oppression in the eyes of the black people including the female and the male as well. This idea can be applied to the situations when issues of privilege occur at workplace as is discussed in the previous part. According to Collin P.H. (), oppression is a concept full of contradictions that requires the comparison and ranking process to be fully and righteously understood. In other words, there is not an absolute form of oppression when analyzing the same issue or situation from different perspectives of people belonging to different categories, though the author disapproves of the using of the word “category”. At workplace, the word privilege can also be defined in different perspectives from people of different levels in the company or the organization he or she works in. When the feeling of jealousy arouses at the thought of others’ promotion or interests due to advantages both earned and unearned, it is natural that the owned privileges are neglected. As is the same with the definition of oppression by Collin, the term of privilege is always requiring comparative analysis since every one boasts of some kind of privileges in whatever the form. For example, when finding out that someone else has more power than us, it should not be neglected that at least we still have the power to find out the inequality; there are a lot of other people from whom the fact would be hidden forever. The term of oppression is always a relative concept and so is privilege. Collin’s idea would apply to situations when the issues of privileges that would act as the power of oppression are absolutely dealt with without considering the relativity of both oppression as well as the privilege and the category of people’s behavior and feelings are analyzed based on stereotypes of opinions instead of individual investigation and deduction.

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